Occupational Health Services

The Occupational Health and Staff Wellbeing Service aims to provide the highest standards of professional care and advice to protect and promote the physical and psychological health of the workforce.

Our Services

  • Advise management, employees and their representatives on the effect of work on health and health on work, with the aim of preventing ill-health and promoting health
  • Assess an individual’s medical fitness to perform their assigned duties and to ensure that work will not adversely affect the health of the employee
  • Assist in the effective management of existing health problems and advise on rehabilitation back to work following ill health
  • Provide advice and guidance on all matters of health, safety and welfare that may affect an individual at work, and help to promote health and safety of the staff at all levels
  • Protect the health of staff from workplace hazards through proactive activities such as vaccination (e.g. flu) and health surveillance
  • Contribute to the effective and efficient functioning of organisations by helping to maintain the physical and mental health of employees

As well as all the above, the Team can also offer a variety of additional wellbeing Services, including smoking cessation, weight management and cardiovascular screening,  as well as travel vaccinations.

Opening Hours:
08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday