Work Health Assessment

Work-Fit Health ScreeningWork Health Assessment

An effective pre-employment health screening programme provides many benefits for an organisation – it can identify health problems that may affect an employee’s capacity to do the job; it can reduce sick absence levels; and it ensures that employers are compliant with the relevant legislation.

At Well Being Partners we have extensive experience of carrying out pre-employment health checks and also understand the importance to employers of turning around such checks quickly in what can be an expensive and time-consuming recruitment process. We provide an electronic front-end for pre-employment screening, which makes the process much more efficient and more effective at collecting and reporting the necessary data. We follow-up these questionnaires where necessary with interviews and medical assessments carried out by qualified and experienced professionals.

We use this pre-employment check to provide broader opportunistic health screening. This will enable referral for common ailments and problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes and include health advice on matters such as smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise, diet, and early signs of disease, such as bowel cancer, to improve the health and wellbeing of your prospective workforce thus enhancing productivity.