Early Intervention & Rehabilitation

Early Intervention & RehabilitationEarly Intervention & Rehabilitation


31 million days were lost due to musculoskeletal conditions in the UK in 2013 [Source: Labour Force Survey ONS].Working with our partners, PhysioMed, our physiotherapy offering is a blended service, incorporating the Physiotherapy Advice Line (PAL). Using PAL, 60% of employees are able to self-manage their conditions, without the need for face-to-face treatment. This programme contains thousands of video exercise files designed for each and every part of the body and advice files that include lifting and correct posture techniques.

Our Physiotherapists can tailor make video based prescriptions to suit individual need. This reduces absence levels by allowing employees to be assessed and treated at work. Expert advice and personal exercise programmes will help your employees to recover faster.

Employees can access and carry out their exercises remotely in their own time.